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About DPI

Dhaulagiri Polytechnic Institute (DPI) is a constituent technical Institute of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training established in 2074 B.S (2017AD) with aim to develop technical and skillful human resources and to impart vocational skills to trainees and help them to generate income. It is situated at Baglung Municipality 14, Balewa, Baglung. It is nearby the world’s second highest bungee. It can be accessed by famous transporting system cable car or by bungee bridge from Kushma within 15 minutes and one hour by bus down from Baglung Bazar.

As it is surrounded by the Himalaya, Spectacular views of Dhaulagiri 1st and Annapurna is seen from its premises. DPI will serve the community throughout the short term training according to community need base. It has facilities for providing both long term and short term training in all types of Agriculture/Livestock related skills according to need of catchment area. DPI is expecting to run civil engineering and geometric Engineering in future within school premises. Since its establishment DPI is running short term training in off season vegetable Producer, motorcycle Repairing, Goat keeper, plumber, mobile phone repairer, Beautician, and Bamboo artisan, Poultry farming within the catchment area and throughout the country.